About Us

We’ve been trading for nearly 10 years and we’re one of the largest suppliers of reproduction metal wall signs in the UK & Europe – we also ship to America, Australia and the rest of the world! We started by selling novelty items and toys and it was by chance that we ventured into metal wall signs - the owner received a metal wall sign as a Christmas gift, he liked the colourful design and he then wanted a few vintage bike signs for his garage. Realising he couldn’t find the designs he wanted he then decided to expand into metal wall signs. We now design and produce many of our own metal wall signs, magnets and storage boxes. We also stock designs from Original Metal Sign Company, Nostalgic Art and Heart of Ireland. 


At first, RKO was only on eBay but now you can find us on Amazon, Facebook Store, Etsy and of course road-knights.com. You may be thinking why Road-Knights Online, well it’s quite simple…..it was the name of the bar the owner used to own and where we all met! 


We are UK based and located in Macclesfield, Cheshire.  


Road-Knights Online
Unit 3, Sutton Mill
Gunco Lane
SK11 7JL
Tel: 01625 662116
Email: sales@road-knights.co.uk
Website: www.road-knights.com 



VAT Number: GB179453370